Starting with Poker

In order to make a living with poker successfully you don’t have to wake up at 8am, don’t have to deal with uninteresting things from day to day while earning a salary which allows you to pay lease only for your vacuum cleaner . You will have time and money! But remember – nothing comes easily…

Not like in business or stock exchange, you don’t need a lot to start with. Some of the worlds best poker players have started only with 50 dollars. It is hard to find a professional who isn’t earning enough. In order to start with Online Poker you need:

a) Credit Card (preferrably VISA or Mastercard)

b) Computer (preferrably with a 19“ monitor at least)

c) Decent internet connection

d) Good capital to start with ($500-$1,500 is definitely enough)

e) Will to win, flexibility and positivity!

One of the first steps would be to open an e-wallet account, for example at Moneybookers. Deposit the amount you chose to start with into Moneybookers. Then choose an affiliate who provides Rakeback deals to receive back a percentage of the fees you pay to poker rooms for playing there. From the affiliates site choose a good online poker room with nice deposit bonuses. These kind of bonuses can help you get started by offering you extra money if you choose a certain online poker room. For example, 200% up to €1,000 deposit bonus and Opoker Rakeback or 500% up to €2,000 poker bonus. There is also a variety of other promotions available for different poker rooms . Rake races, freeroll tournaments with cash prizes or packages to bigger live events, reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses. If you stick at one online poker room then make sure you keep checking up on potential reload bonuses as you can earn extra money with that option very easily.

Most online poker rooms also have a Shop where from you can buy items for VIP Points, Poker Points or other similar points (depends on the poker room). These shops usually feature electronics, live tournament packages, clothing, sports gear, other various things and even sports cars! In order to collect Points you have to play at real money games, cash games or poker tournaments.

It is best to start with Sit & Go. These games are available 24/7 and have a lot of new players in them so it’s the perfect place to learn …